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Fencer’s Edge Magazine delves deep into the lifestyle, travel and the larger culture that surrounds fencing. Brilliant photography, interviews, travel stories, product features, emerging trends, music and art are all presented with forward design, a large format and premium creativity to create a presentation that is meant to be at your finger tips.

There is no independent fencing magazine in the United States besides Fencer's Edge. It is not funded or connected to any sports governing body or fencing product company , but rather stays true to informing the public for the sake of providing entertaining and important information.
The magazine is a startup publication for the fencing community by fencers and coaches. Our hope is to link together fencers and their ideas across the country from New York to San Francisco, from Michigan to Texas. But also to take down the wall around the community to let it expand into the popular mainstream market.
Our mission for Fencer’s Edge to give a voice to the fencing community. Subscribers will get the latest trends in the industry, insight into the culture, advice from seasoned coaches and bring to light the untold stories of fencing, fencers and their clubs.